Life Lessons From Drag Queens #74-77:

"Let good thoughts be your sword and shield" - Whether it’s work-room cattiness or legitimate harassment from strangers on the street, drag queens experience more than their fair share of negativity. But letting good thoughts be their sword and shield helps them keep their heads up and be as fabulous as they’ve ever been. This is something that drag queens have to do all the time, but it’s something we should ALL strive to do more often. There’s a reason, after all, that Jinkx’s Season 5 mantra of "water off a duck’s back" became so popular and widespread.

"Ignore adversity." - It’s easy to get overwhelmed when it seems like the odds are stacked against you. But ignoring the scary or overwhelming side of things to make a bold move can often pay off in amazing ways!

"Abide by the rules of love." - So, in the film this was obviously meant in a romantic love sort of way. But abiding by the rules of love is something I see queens doing every single day, and in so many different ways. They love themselves in order to love others, they show love for their LGBT community every time they participate in Pride events for LGBT related fundraisers, they show love for their fans via social media outlets, they show love for their drag sisters and families every single day, and they follow so many other rules of love that are too complicated to articulate. By learning to love fully, and show those who have helped us get to where we are today that we love them, our lives can be so much better than they already are!

"Larger than life is just the right size." - In an ever more competitive and fast-paced society, you are going to eventually run into a situation where you’ll have to go bigger and bolder with your actions than you may be comfortable with. Keeping this lesson in mind will be very helpful as you stand up straighter in your pumps, hold your head high, and stomp the runway of life!

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haunted house

haunted house


I have officially been prescribed to HRT and am starting off with testosterone blockers. I have never been happier. Thanks for all the support. 


Vintage Biba Make Up

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whoops! i forgot to photoshop my nose.